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Resolving Your Concerns About Property Division, Pensions, & Retirement Plans

Property division can be one of the more confusing aspects of the divorce process. Although the law is straightforward, you may be unclear about how it translates to your particular case, especially when it comes to handling pensions, 401k plans, and other retirement benefits or marital debt.

At Sokol & Bristow, LLP, we have helped many clients in Sacramento, California, and the surrounding area with the division of their property when they are going through a divorce. We seek to meet your legal goals efficiently and effectively. Fill out our online form or call (916) 488-3232 today.

Getting You the Results You Want

Our lawyers will work quickly to help you divide your property. We will work to protect your separate property assets, draft an enforceable judgment, and provide creative solutions to the myriad of problems and situations that develop during the division of property. If property division cannot be resolved outside the courtroom, we have the experience needed to fight in court for what you deserve.

When we take your case, our attorneys will talk with you regarding your individual situation and your specific goals. We will:

  • Review your joint property, possessions, financial assets and liabilities
  • Prepare the legal documents required for division of property
  • Develop a strategy for getting your desired results

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